Dear Sage,

It has been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you over this past year. We were trying to keep our volunteer staff to a minimum to facilitate social distancing in the soup kitchen, so we asked some of our volunteers to work from home to make the hundreds of sandwiches needed each day. When you contacted me asking if you could help the soup kitchen serve its guests the timing was perfect. You started by making sandwiches on the weekend and having one of your parents deliver them every Monday morning.

When you realized the magnitude of the need you organized a group of your high school friends to help you. You were so successful that I had to ask you to cut back on the number of sandwiches you delivered each week. You immediately got everything under control. You scheduled the number of sandwich makers so most of your crew makes sandwiches every other week and drops them off at your house for one of your parents to deliver each Monday morning. Perfect!

Because of your help the savings to our operation has been significant. You save us hundreds of hours of work each month, and you also save us the cost of the food and supplies needed to make and package the sandwiches. We are very thankful that you chose to share your talent, energy, and leadership skills with us, and we appreciate your  help in reinforcing our mission.


Vito W. Colletti,