“For I was hungry and you gave me food…” Matthew 25:35

It is an exciting time at the Mercy Soup Kitchen of Wyandanch as it is preparing to launch its new and expanded post Covid operation.

Located in the basement of Trinity Lutheran Church at 17 South 20th Street, the Kitchen served its first meal to hungry people in 1980 and currently serves an average of 108 people per day.

During the pandemic, however, Kitchen procedures had to be modified in order to provide hot, nourishing meals safely and continuously to those in need.  Indoor sit-down dining was discontinued and only take-out dining was available.

But today the Kitchen is posing for a post-Covid reopening – a reorganizational rebirth of sorts – where Kitchen procedures can finally return to again offering guests dignified, indoor sit-down dining.

The Kitchen relies heavily on its generous volunteer support and, as such, numerous on-site and off-site volunteer opportunities are now available.

While there are openings for on-site positions, such as helping to prepare and serve meals and to perform various maintenance functions, there are also openings for diverse off-site positions in areas such as finance, grant development and preparation, legal compliance assurance, marketing duties, social media facilitation and fund raising/donation coordination.

Only with the efforts of its volunteers can the Kitchen succeed in its mission to provide food security to those in need.  Please consider sharing some of your time and talents with the Kitchen to make this happen.  We invite you to join our team.

For further information, contact Vito Colletti at 631-358-9917 or