An abundance of avacodoes were donated so Ada made guacomoli

On Tuesday we had an abundance of avocados and bread donated to us so:

Ada made guacamole and George made pizza bread.

Susan tosses Mondays salad, Loraine puts the finishing touches on Tuesdays fresh green salad, and Nancy makes Thursdays tuna salad. Each day our creative volunteers use as much of the donated produce that they can in a variety of ways. In addition to a variety of vegetable salads they make many different fruit salads.


Jon makes the soup on Monday, Andy serves the soup on Thursday. After all the prep work and cooking are finished on Tuesday Geri scrubs the pots and pans with the help of Kathy and others.

Analise, Carol, and others prepare the take home meals. Mondays take home meal

bags are usually quite large due to the many weekend donations that we receive.

Fridays crew – Tony and Kathy (who is camera shy) do the cooking and after all the other preparations  are finished Jackie turns her attention to cleaning the pots, pans, cooking utensils, and serving trays.

Meet Wednesdays cook Fred – Can you tell that he enjoys what he does. Our sweet Gertrude with the bird on her shoulder prepares Thursdays deserts, always with a flair and friendly smile, while Joan prepares the mound of donated peppers you see behind her and in front of Andy for another day to use.

Tom cuts the garlic bread that goes great with his Monday meat loaf. But that’s not enough then he slices the pork roast. Our guests eat well on Monday.

Our Thursday crew takes Halloween seriously but that doesn’t stop them from taking a well deserved coffee break after the bulk of the preparations are finished and then getting the dining room set up in time for service at 12 Noon.

Our kitchen staff John, Ricardo, Richie, and Charlie who have been at work since 7 AM also deserve a break before the lunch rush. Then it’s back to kitchen to clean the pots and pans that they used to prepare the meal, only to be followed up with over 100 trays that soon start returning from the dinning room. It’s a vicious cycle but they do it with a smile and don’t complain too much.